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Who is Pattycake Doll? And why should I care?

The simple answer is that we are a unique little doll store, online. That’s how we think of ourselves. A simple little doll store. But what we do is little bit more than that. We sell pretty much ‘niche’ dolls. Black baby dolls. Dolls for Boys. Dolls for Biracial children, dolls dressed like Muslims. Black Dolls dressed like Muslims. Down Syndrome dolls. Doll’s wheelchairs. Dolls like that. Dolls for children. What we sell are the dolls that are generally not found in the local big box stores. Or if they are, in limited numbers. Some people don’t approve of us. Actually it’s not us so much as our dolls – they don’t approve of our dolls. But it doesn’t take too long to transfer their dislike of a doll, to the people who are selling the doll. Yeah… us. So we created this blog to talk about dolls. To let you talk about dolls with us. To get some of this stuff out on the table where it can be discussed, examined and maybe resolved a little. Also, we bring a different perspective to the table… we’re ‘your friends in the business,’ so to speak. We go to the American International Toy Fair each year and talk to all the manufacturers. We’re part of ASTRA – the American Specialty Toy Retailers Association. And we’re considered experts, so we get interviewed a lot. TIME Magazine. Macleans Magazine, Hibu, CNN and others.


Dolls are pretty powerful stuff. Deep down in our psyche dolls represent people. Back when, dolls could be used to make people better, to make people sick, to cast curses, to effect cures, to cast out demons. But dolls also teach little girls and boys to nurture, and to love. They can start the process of teaching a child that they are not the center of the universe. And when you give an African American child a beautiful African American baby doll, you are in effect teaching her: “Hey this doll is beautiful, and she looks like me… I must be beautiful too.” So that’s who we are. To Contact The Pattycake Doll Company, please use this form below: 

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