The “Early Adopter’s” Dolls

Have you ever heard of people called: “Early Adopters?”

Early Adopters like to be the first ones to buy and try ‘new.’ They’re the ones who line up to get the newest iphone, try the latest app, wear the trendiest clothes, go to the newly opened restaurants, move into the newest up-and-coming gentrification neighborhoods.

I wish there was such a thing as Doll Early Adopters. In my fantasy, there are hundreds of them out there… constantly checking the internet for the newest dolls, searching ‘twitter’ and Instagram, checking Etsy and Pinterest… wanting to be the firstest and the fastest to find a new doll. Sigh…

Because if such a customer did exist, I could show them my two new (exclusive to The Pattycake Doll Company) Black Dolls from Precious Moments.

When I ran into Linda ‘The Doll Maker’ Rick at The American International Toy Fair (she’s the one who makes all the precious moments dolls) we had a nice discussion about how nice it had been several years ago when we carried Black Precious Moments dolls.

And then she surprised me with a very generous offer. If I would pick a few styles that I liked, she would make a few small batch runs for me to carry at

So she did, and we did and they’re available now on our site. (You can click on either

Thousands of people come to our store every week. Some looking for Black Dolls, some looking for Boy’s dolls, some looking for Learn to dress dolls etc.

Unfortunately, very few of them are early adopters… our visitors are usually buying gifts for kids, not because they are early adopters looking for the newest dolls.

Oh well. Maybe some of you readers are early adopters?

One can always hope, right?


Doll Review : ‘The Grinch’ by Manhattan Toy

'The Grinch' doll by Manhattan Toy

‘The Grinch’ doll by Manhattan Toy

With the Holiday doll buying season in full swing, we’re starting to get more of ‘what do you recommend?’ calls* at The Pattycake Doll Company. One of our favorite dolls to recommend is ‘The Grinch.’ Here’s why:

  1. He’s popular… almost every kid over three knows who this guy is, and what he did bad. And kids love ‘bad boys,’ especially when they manage to redeem themselves.
  2. They also love ‘grown-ups,’ who act like kids. They ‘get’ that kind of humor and appreciate it.
  3. Gender neutral. The Grinch can be given to both boys and girls.
  4. Holiday themed… not only do kids love him, but he can be used as seasonal decor in your home or office. (We would suggest that you be careful if you are giving it as a gag gift at the office though; in some circles being called a Grinch is not exactly a positive.)
  5. The doll itself is well made. Colorful, soft plush, 14 inches and cuddly.
  6. We also offer Cindy Lou Who doll and Max the Dog doll. Cindy actually outsells The Grinch doll, but she is not what we would consider gender-neutral, which is why we generally lead with The Grinch character doll

*We can be reached from 9 AM to 9 PM Seven days a week at (646) 481-DOLL.  We spend more time in the warehouse than in the office at this time of the year, so you may have to leave a message.

FTC Disclaimer: We are obligated to disclose the relationship to the supplier or manufacturer for any products we endorse or review. In the case of The Grinch doll, we received no compensation from Manhattan Toy for this review. Our relationship is simply “vendor – reseller.”