Traveling with Teddy (Bears)

When you travel, do you take your teddy bear with you?

Researchers have found that about 35% of adults travel with their favorite doll. Usually a traditional teddy bear or stuffed toy.

Next week I’ll be travelling to New York City for the American International Toy Fair, which is why I thought of it. (Toy Fair is where the toy industry meets every year to introduce the new dolls and toys for the coming year.)

This year they figure there will be about 30,000 people at Toy Fair. That means about 7,500 of those guests will have their Teddy Bears with them at their hotels. Statistically speaking of course. I stay at the Wolcott, a grand old hotel on 31st Street, I don’t travel with a stuffed animal, but I’ve always found it interesting that so many people do.

The ornate lobby of The Wolcott Hotel

The ornate lobby of The Wolcott Hotel

Psychologists know that carrying a security object along with you when you leave the safety of home is just as comforting to an adult with her teddy, as it is for a two year old carrying his lovey or security blanket. Comfort is comfort at any age.

Why Baby likes Teddy Bears

Have you ever noticed? (1)

You go to the local supermarket with your baby and put her on that funny little shelf of the shopping cart right behind the handle. And you hope to God that she doesn’t fuss, fidget or start crying before you get your shopping done.

But then a minor miracle happens… another Mommy, with her baby in the shopping cart passes by, and all of a sudden that other baby is the most fascinating thing your baby has ever seen. Her head whips around and she STARES! And as the two carts slowly separate your baby will twist and turn and lean and do everything she can to keep that other baby in sight. It’s even better than a cookie to keep her quiet, right?

There is one other thing that that captures your baby’s interest in the same way:

Have you ever noticed? (2)

What else fascinates your baby? How about soft fluffy moving things… like the dog or the cat? I mean they may look at and be interested in horses and cows and chickens on TV, but put them in a room  with a puppy and you get that same fascination.

A Teddy Bear

A round head with eyes in the middle- just like a baby!

Have you ever noticed? (3)

How much the head and face of the standard Teddy bear looks like the head and face of a baby? Seriously! That baby in the other shopping cart? Your average Teddy bear’s face looks almost the same. The soft fur of a kitty or puppy… any decent Teddy bear will have the same kind of ‘fur.’ And that’s the reason why Teddy Bears are the number one selling doll for kids, and that’s the reason baby’s love Teddy Bears.

Have you ever noticed?