The cure for naked dolls.

Too many naked dolls in your house?

Three year old child running around gleefully shouting “nakey, nakey, nakey?”

'Naked 'Children's dolls

Do her dolls all look like this?!?

Do you know why?

  1. She is too young to dress her dolls, but not too young to undress them.
  2. You have taught her to change her clothes for cleanliness, but don’t have any extra ‘doll clothes’ for her to put on her dolls.
  3. She is playing with her older sister’s fashion dolls. (see #1 above)


Learn to dress doll

A learn to dress Pirate Puppy with button, zip etc.

  1. Get her a learn to dress doll.
  2. Spend more time ‘playing dolls’ with her and teach her to dress them.
  3. Buy doll clothes for her dolls that have removable outfits.
Doll clothes for 18" dolls

18″ Doll clothes for 18″ dolls

My Learn to Dress Doll Pet Peeve

Toddlers Don't Tie Anymore!

Toddlers Don’t Tie Anymore!

We’ve sold a lot of Learn to Dress Dolls over the years, they’re a really popular kind of doll. We’ve got learn to dress teddy bears (Pirates and Princesses), Learn to dress boys and learn to dress girls, learn to dress kittens and learn to dress monkeys; dozens of different styles.

But one day while I was writing the web content for a new one, I noticed that once again,one of the skills to master on the new activity toy was ‘tying.’ It’s one of my little pet peeves.

Why do the manufacturers still make learn to dress dolls with laces?                       Because they were always made that way!

Excuse me, but have you seen what children wear on their feet these days? Particularly the age group that these toys are meant for? Velcro®! Not laces!

Now I agree that children eventually need to know how to tie a bow, and sometime after that  how to tie a knot, but the age group that learn to dress toys are made for, don’t tie their shoes – or anything else for that  matter. And by the time they do get to the stage of tying stuff, they are too old to be playing with these toddler’s dolls.

It’s a small thing I agree, and doesn’t harm anyone, but still… I think it’s time for the doll makers to learn from the shoemakers. Because Velcro is easier for toddlers, that’s how their shoes are made. Toddlers don’t tie anymore.