Start a Doll Business? – Location

Notice: If you have no interest in how to start, how to run, or what goes into owning a doll store, you can skip this post!

About once a week, someone sends us an email asking how they can start a business like ours. But the answer is not so easy to put in an email, so I’ve decided to start peppering this blog with that information, so that in the future, I can just say, read the blog – it’s mostly there!

Thank you for Support

Here are 4 (more) things you need to know to start a Doll Store (in no particular order):

  • Location, Location, Location. You want to own a Doll store? Where are you going to open it? Across the street from Toys R Us or Target? Toys R Us is bad, but maybe not Target. Believe it or not Target doesn’t have a full doll store in there, Toy’s R Us does.
  • How about next to the specialty Ice Cream store? It makes sense that Moms will bring their kids into your store after! Why not? Of course your sticky fingered dirty merchandise bill will be astronomical, but at least you’ll get traffic right?
  • Is there safe off-street parking? Or will Mom be leaning over her baby in the car seat with her ass sticking out in the traffic?
  • But really, the main question about location is:
    • Do you have any competition? No? Why not? Doll collecting, Doll Gifting, Doll Making and Doll Dressing are all parts of the same huge hobby. There are dolls for kids and dolls for collectors. There are Doll Shows and Collector’s Conventions all over the country. BUT! Are there enough people in your community to support your store?

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