Clones of American Girl® Dolls

18" ethnic dolls of color for children

A selection of Black, Biracial, Multicultural, Asian and other ethnic 18 inch dolls

It started with a simple phone call:

“Do you have any Black American Girl® Dolls?”

And although I did have one (a clone by  Madame Alexander called ‘Oh So Groovy’), I didn’t realize it at the time and said “sorry, I don’t, but American Girl dolls are beautiful and very well made and I’m pretty sure they have a Black one.” Being in the doll business you know darn well that I knew about the phenomena that is American Girl dolls!

But I was shocked by her answer… “I don’t want a Slave Girl doll for my daughter!”

[In case you didn’t know, American Girl Dolls are exclusive to American Girl stores and their website, or in the aftermarket like Ebay. Mattel does not allow any other stores to carry them.]

The doll she was referring to of course was American Girl’s Addy, who is marketed by American Girl as an escaped slave of the Civil War era.

Today of course 18″ American Girl Doll clones are available everywhere, including, so there are lots more choices. But for us, then, it all started with a phone call.