Moore’s Law and Dolls

There is a economic principle called ‘Moore’s Law.’ In very broad terms it says that technology gets better and better, and less and less expensive.

The classic example is the computer, which used to cost thousand of dollars and took up whole rooms, and now cost a hundred or less and fits in your hand.

Believe it or not… Moore’s Law works for Dolls too!
Edison Talking Dolls

Here’s the original technology: Thomas Edison’s talking Doll from the 1880’s.   It was 22″, recited nursery rhymes and was very expensive. In today’s dollars, that advertised price of $10 would be over $220!

Here are three little dolls that say the “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” prayer:

We sell them on our Dolls that Say Prayers page for $14.99

That’s Moore’s Law for you!