Music Box Dolls

I know that everybody has their favorites when it comes to dolls. The most common group of doll lovers are the doll collectors, and they are divided into hundreds of sub groups such as the antique doll collectors and the Barbie® fans. There are doll shows all over the country, each catering to their own audience… Madame Alexander doll collectors for instance, or those who love Reborn Dolls.

The number of paper doll books published each year is amazing as well, many by Dover, with paper dolls representing everything from  Wedding Dresses & Medieval Gowns to Presidential families and Hollywood actresses.

But among my favorites are musical dolls. Not that I can tell you exactly why mind you, it’s one of those “I just do” type of things.

I think part of it might be as part of owning a doll store… it is practically impossible to not fall in love with every doll that we carry. If I kept just one sample of every doll I ever fell in love with, I would not have room in my home for anything else, and I strongly suspect my wife would leave me should I ever become such a doll pack rat! Of all the musical dolls we have carried over the years. I have permitted myself to keep just one.

That special doll is much like the one below… an animated music box doll with a wind-up key on the back, a mechanism that slowly rotates the head while the music plays, beautifully costumed. They are small, maybe 5 or 6 inches tall, and the music box is the old fashioned ‘tinkly’ kind as opposed to the horrendous new ‘digital chip’ electronic music boxes that I absolutely abhor and refuse to carry in my stores.

Here… have a listen…

I assume that  among all of your dolls you too have a favorite. I hope it gives you as much pleasure as my little music box doll gives to me.

How Many Dolls Have You Ever Owned?

If you’re reading The Doll Blog, I’m going to assume you love dolls. I’m also going to assume you’ve owned dolls.

How many dolls have you owned in your lifetime?

Which one was your favorite?

My all time favorite doll, Cutie Pie

My all time favorite doll, Cutie Pie

In my case there are two answers: As a doll store owner I’ve ‘owned’ somewhere around 100,000 dolls give or take. I bought them and then sold them. I warehoused them. I owned them.

But if you want to count only ‘personal’ use, dolls I’ve unwrapped and loved and kept on a shelf in the office and wouldn’t ever want to sell them until I’m ninety-nine and there ‘s no room for me to keep them in a hospital room… well that number is a lot smaller.  couple of dozen maybe.

And if you ask: do I have a favorite, just one doll that I would take with me into that aforementioned hospital room, then yes I do. Her name is Cutie Pie. And she’s my favorite.

Why that doll? That’s between me and my therapist; if I ever do go to a therapist. Without a therapist I couldn’t tell you why that one doll has such a strong hold on me.

And I would also like to turn that question around… can you tell yourself why your favorite, out of all the dolls you ever had, is your favorite doll? Probably not!

But if today’s post has got you thinking, or if you want to share with me a story or a picture of your favorite doll of all time, I’d be interested.