The cure for naked dolls Part II

I have never wanted to be a psychiatrist, never interested me much, but I have to admit I wish I knew a little bit more about why people get so upset over certain things.

Anatomically correct dolls upset a lot of people. So do naked dolls – even naked dolls that basically have sacks of cloth for a body.

As discussed last week, there are a few easy fixes for naked dolls: helping them – Good old fashioned down on the floor play time – to dress their dolls, or having a few extra outfits to put on their dolls.

Here’s another simple fix: Buy dolls that can’t be made naked.

Biracial Baby Bath Doll

Biracial Baby Bath Doll

Like this BathTime™ baby doll from Adora. Her cloth sack body has a ‘bathing suit’ print on it. Even if your daughter removes the robe, the doll is still ‘dressed.’ There are a lot of doll companies who do this.

Like Zoe’s Owls? Remove her dress, and you get a one piece doll with a colorful stripe print. Is she technically ‘naked?’ Yes. Does she look like a ‘naked doll?’ Of course not.

Another solution to the 'naked' doll.

Another solution to the ‘naked’ doll.

But still, children love to dress and undress dolls. Two of the best selling dolls are Barbie and American Girl Dolls… and all their fashions. But those are for older children, and we’re talking here about the naked baby dolls that your toddlers are dragging around the house. So here’s another solution… dolls that can never end up naked!

The cure for naked dolls.

Too many naked dolls in your house?

Three year old child running around gleefully shouting “nakey, nakey, nakey?”

'Naked 'Children's dolls

Do her dolls all look like this?!?

Do you know why?

  1. She is too young to dress her dolls, but not too young to undress them.
  2. You have taught her to change her clothes for cleanliness, but don’t have any extra ‘doll clothes’ for her to put on her dolls.
  3. She is playing with her older sister’s fashion dolls. (see #1 above)


Learn to dress doll

A learn to dress Pirate Puppy with button, zip etc.

  1. Get her a learn to dress doll.
  2. Spend more time ‘playing dolls’ with her and teach her to dress them.
  3. Buy doll clothes for her dolls that have removable outfits.
Doll clothes for 18" dolls

18″ Doll clothes for 18″ dolls