Why we ‘name’ every doll we ship.

Stuffed Plush Big Bird

Stuffed Plush Big Bird

Do you know who Barbie is? Big Bird? How about Raggedy Ann? If you give a Barbie to your daughter, does she start calling her Luella?

Dolls need to have names; if they’re recognizable, they come with ready made names and your child will probably know what that name is.

But what about your generic baby dolls? This one came into our warehouse as “Anatomically Correct Caucasian Boy Doll.” We named him Jacob.

Baby Boy Doll

Baby Boy Doll

Every doll that the Pattycake Doll Company sells has a name.


Because it’s very hard for a child to attach and nurture and love an ‘object.’ Kids don’t generally name their spoons or their toothbrush. But kids do attach to and nurture their dolls. And to do that, the doll needs a name.

So to make your life, and your child’s life easier, we name the dolls that don’t already have a name.

Your child may change the doll’s name if she doesn’t like it; or it may become more simple like Baby, or Dolly, but we promise, if won’t ever become nameless like her spoon!

PS: If she has two dolls they will each have their own name!