Do Dolls Need Wheelchairs?

We all know there are children who use wheelchairs.

And of course there are children who play with dolls.

But the question for today is:
Is there a need for ‘doll’s wheelchairs?’ Or doll’s glasses? Or ‘doll’s’ guide dogs / doll ‘guide dogs’ – (which are really just stuffed plush dogs anyway)?

A wheel chair for dolls

A wheelchair and crutches set for 18 inch dolls.

We sell two different doll’s wheelchairs at The Pattycake Doll Company store, the more realistic one above, which is for the American Girl type of dolls, and the one below, which is more simplistic and for Rag Dolls and Teddy Bears.

A Doll's Wheelchair for rag dolls and teddy bears

A Doll’s Wheelchair for rag dolls and teddy bears

Here are just a few of the reasons why we carry these and other special needs dolls and accessories:

  • As a teaching toy. We all know that ‘the child who is different’ can become the child who is laughed at or picked on. Introducing a doll’s wheelchair into the class room can ease the introduction of the wheelchair student into the classroom. The strange can become the familiar very easily.
  • Nurturing and caring: One of the primary reasons dolls have been a ‘classic’ children’s toy for centuries is the fact that children love to nurture. They love to nurture kittens and puppies, they love to nurture their little brothers and sisters. Sometimes it’s better to let young children learn to nurture and take care of a doll in a wheelchair, and let Mommy and Daddy nurture the real child in the wheelchair.
  • Inclusivity: For the same reason it’s important for Black children to have Black dolls to play with – This doll is Black – this doll is beautiful – I’m beautiful too, is the same reason we believe that children should have the option of playing with or nurturing dolls in wheelchairs.

So that’s why we think there should be doll’s wheelchairs and other special needs dolls and accessories.

Just so you know, there are a lot of people who disagree with us… people who think we are cruelly and unnecessarily  ‘singling out’ special needs children. They’re entitled to their opinions too.

Bald Barbie: Bad Idea

Bald Barbie Doll Cancer

  Bald Barbie Why it probably won’t happen

We love the idea of a bald Barbie, we love the idea of making a doll that helps children who are bald – for whatever the reason – have a doll they can identify with. So in our hearts it’s a great idea!

But as a business owner we can only say that Bald Barbies are a bad idea. The market is not big enough to support them. For Mattel it would be a manufacturer’s nightmare… Barbie’s hair is ‘rooted’ meaning that the heads have holes to attach the hair to. So it’s not just ‘no hair,’ they’d have to make the heads with no holes… in other words a whole other manufacturing line dedicated to a teensy-tiny market.

And of course they would need Bald Black Barbies, multicultural Bald Barbies maybe bald Kens too, right?

Actually what would make more sense (to me) is another Mattel brand: American Girl Dolls… already a highly customizable doll, with very healthy profit margins, Mattel could probably do a Bald American Girl doll a lot easier than Barbie.

My Suggestion? While you’re waiting for the ‘not likely,’ hunt up a ‘Reborn Doll’ artist on Ebay or Etsy. Reborn Doll artists transform dolls every day… anything you can imagine, from amputations to baldness to tracheotomy or chemo feeds can be easily made by those artists. And it won’t cost much either.