Why you need a Doll’s Hair Brush

Hairbrush for Dolls Hair

A Typical Doll’s Hair Brush

Last week we blogged about Bald Barbie, which kinda leads us to this week’s post: dolls with hair, and specifically, the doll’s hair brush

If you daughter has a doll with hair, she needs a doll’s hair brush. Why? Because if your daughter doesn’t have a doll’s hair brush, she will use her own hair brush on the doll and transfer the natural hair oils that keep her hair looking healthy and shiny, to the doll’s hair. And you don’t want that.

On our Doll’s Hair Care page at the Pattycake Doll Company’s web site, we offer hints on how to clean doll hair, but we think it’s better if you don’t have to go down that path in the first place.

A doll’s hair brush is a little different than your child’s hairbrush. It should have metal tines, and no rubber tips… the better to slip through the synthetic doll hair. And because doll’s heads are smaller, doll’s hair brushes are smaller too.

PS: Our doll hair care page also teaches your daughter ‘how to brush a doll’s hair,’ so that she doesn’t break too many strands or helplessly tangle her doll’s hair and ruin it.

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