Beautiful Porcelain Dolls

Beautiful Porcelain Dolls

If your children are well out of their mischievous age and stage and seriously want to pursue a colorful and fun hobby then collecting beautiful porcelain dolls is one such hobby that will provide years of enjoyment. Your kids can also grow up to an expanding collection filled with various dolls even as they move from collecting simple dolls to rare antiques over time.

Porcelain dolls are sold throughout the world under different designs, sizes, colors and shapes. It is this feature that makes collecting such dolls so much fun since your children will surely want to keep on adding new dolls to their collection with each passing day. This is also a wonderful way for you to bond with your children as you live out your own childhood fantasies of collecting beautiful porcelain dolls.

However, it is always better to test the waters first before immersing your kids completely into this gleaming and colorful hobby. Dolls made of porcelain usually start out at just a few dollars a piece although rare collectible dolls can cost from anything upwards a few hundred dollars to even thousands of dollars. Thus, if you want your kids to start a collection then you should start out with beautiful porcelain dolls that do not cost much. Your kids will need to learn to collect, display, and maintain their growing doll collection by buying cheaper dolls before they can move over to costlier dolls.

However, cheap dolls do not mean that they are of bad quality or lack in looks. Dolls that are manufactured in high numbers and exported to several countries usually sport lower price tags, and it is these porcelain dolls that need to form the base of your kid’s collection. You and your kids are sure to find some amazing dolls lining the shelves of toy stores and you should allow your kids to choose the ones that they desire. This will ensure that they play with them safely and also take good care of them.

Your kids will slowly stop playing with their dolls as they get older and pursue this hobby with an increasing amount of maturity and seriousness. In addition to dolls such as babies, boys and girls, as well as men and women, you can also allow your kids to buy accessories such as houses, animals, furniture, appliances, etc so that they can complete various themes. This will help them have much more fun even as the collection keeps on growing.

Once your kids stop playing with the dolls then it is time to introduce costlier antique beautiful porcelain dolls into the collection. You can search for such porcelain dolls in antique stores or even over the internet although you should only buy your dolls from a trusted source and even authenticate your dolls, if possible. You and your kids can even learn to make or at least paint these dolls as time goes by. The best part is that your kids will end up with wonderful dolls once they get older and they too could repeat this bonding experience with their own children.

A wonderful way to spend time with your kids as well as follow up on a hobby that is loved by adults and children alike is to encourage your children to collect porcelain dolls. Over time, you and your kids would end up collecting several beautiful porcelain dolls and some of the rare ones would surely have appreciated quite a lot indeed.

Nicole Roberts
I have an estate collection of more than 500 beautiful porcelain dolls; they were left to me by my loving grandma. Some are very rare, others are one of a kind and all are in pristine condition. I would love to keep this collection of beautiful dolls but I do not have the room. It is my intention to put these wonderful dolls in the hands of people who would appreciate their uniqueness and beauty.

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