Good Quality Dolls with Glasses

These glasses-wearing dolls are great for encouraging imaginative play, and can be perfect for any child who wears glasses.

Glitter Girls – 14-Inch Fashion Doll – Green Eyes & Blonde Hair – Backpack, Glasses, & School Accessories

  • 14-inch fashion doll with a captivating appearance: Green eyes and stunning blonde hair.
  • Comes with a stylish backpack, adding a touch of trendy flair to her overall look.
  • Adorable glasses accessory that enhances the doll’s charm and complements her fashion sense.
  • Includes a variety of school accessories, allowing for imaginative play and storytelling.
  • High-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail make the doll a delight for collectors and children alike.

The New York Doll Collection 18 Inch Doll with Soft Hair and Accessories

Make your child’s playtime come to life with these amazing 18″ Dolls with Glasses! This incredibly realistic doll has poseable arms & legs that move fluidly just like a real person, plus luscious long hair perfect for brushing & styling. And the painted glass eyeballs & long eyelashes open & close to simulate an awakened or sleeping state. Get the best doll around and provide your child with endless hours of imaginative play today!

HABA Leonore 12″ Soft Doll with Blonde Hair and Removable Glasses

Introducing Leonore – the plush doll with glasses! Help your little one learn to embrace their superpower with this adorable and inspiring doll. Leonore is filled with curiosity and loves to read and learn. She also loves singing, dancing, playing sports and all sorts of fun activities. With Leonore by their side, your child will learn to be comfortable with wearing glasses and express themselves more confidently.

Lottie Cool 4 School Doll with Glasses

Get your school-age kids the perfect gift this year with the Lottie Doll with Glasses! This high-quality, age-appropriate doll comes complete with glasses and a backpack, so she’ll be ready for any adventure that comes her way! With long blonde hair and blue eyes, she’s sure to become a favorite of your little one in no time. Get them the gift of playtime and imagination with the Lottie Doll with Glasses – your kids will thank you!

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